In no way are these instructions a substitute for having the Stand-Assist Lift being operated by a trained professional.  These instructions are only a basic guide. Patients using this lift must be able to support at least 60% of their own weight and have head and neck control.  The patient should be able to bend at the hips, knees and ankles.

1. Spread the legs of the Stand-Assist Lift.

2. Position the Stand-Assist Lift in front of the patient and lock the rear casters.


3. Have the patient position their feet on the foot platform.

4. Position the standing sling behind the patient just below the shoulder blades.  The attaching straps will be on the top of the sling.  

5. Bring the attaching straps under the arms to the front of the patient. Buckle the sling belt to secure the sling to the patient

6. Slide both attachment loop straps through the black loop strap.

7. Attach each side of the sling to the sling hooks on the lift.  

8. Adjust the knee pads to just below the knees of the patient.

9. Buckle the knee pad strap behind the patient’s calf.  

10. Have the patient grasp the “U” bar.

11. Push the up button on the Stand-Assist Lifts’ hand control to bring the patient to a standing position.